Core Assumptions

The World is a Fantastic Place
Griffons are used as mounts, Minotaurs maraud in the hills, and elementals appear or are called forth. Monsters, magic, and gods are a normal part of the world.

The World Is Ancient and Mysterious
Most of the world has been reclaimed by wilderness since the fall of the last great empire. General knowledge of past empires exist, but their destruction has scattered the civilized races into pockets, isolated from each other despite their shared common history.

Adventurers Are Exceptional
From an early age you were told that you had a destiny: you were a natural with a sword, you had a knack for controlling magic, or some god had a plan for you. Turns out whoever told you that was right. Characters stand out as exceptional, even at level 1. By level 10 they are renowned heroes. By level 20 they are living legends sure to be sung of for generations.

The Civilized Races Unite
The late great Empire of Nerath, a primarily Human creation, brought all the civilized races together under its dominion and protection. The ties created by the Nerathi Empire continue to bind these races together, despite the fact that the empires fall has left its people isolated.

Magic Is Natural But Rare
Magic is accepted as normal, but is still considered powerful. Anyone can use magic, but it requires great training. As with any skill, some simply have a greater aptitude and are able to reach heights others only dream of. Powerful mages imbue weapons with arcane power, but these cannot be bought in a market.

The First War
The Primordials created the World but it is the gods who preserved it and gave it purpose and direction. The Primordials have long since been killed, imprisoned or slumber deeply in some distant corner of the cosmos.

Gods Are Distant
Gods don’t take an active role in the world’s daily events. None-the-less, their presence is evidenced whenever they grant a prayer, or imbue their champions with awesome power.

Core Assumptions

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