Zephyr Lyrandar


A pretty young half-elf, on the surface affable and clever, Zephyr hardly seems the rugged adventurer type. However, in a battle she is quick to call down storms of deadly lightning on her foes, and shows a disturbing disregard for humanoid life. Zephyr calls very few people friend, but once her friendship is earned she shows unyielding loyalty; she’s quick to offer assistance, but often shows little concern over whether the assistance was wanted, what form it takes, and what consequences may result from her actions. If asked about her past, Zephyr will only respond that she came from “far away,” and is now “traveling, seeing the sights.”

Zephyr is a member of House Lyrandar, a powerful half elven house that has guarded a gate between the material plane and a section of elemental air within the elemental chaos for thousands of years. She was born bearing the Mark of Storm, a legacy of her family’s long exposure to the elemental plain of air. However Zephyr found herself bored by a life confined to the keep, thanklessly defeating elementals and demons, and she left as soon as could to explore the world. She is particularly interested in visiting large cities, seeing the ocean, and in seeing what happens to the myriads of creatures the material plain has to offer when struck my lightning.

Wish List:
2. Sibyris shard of the mage level 23 uncommon
3. Rhythm Blade +5, level 23 uncommon
7. Gloves of the Wandering Star level 19 uncommon
6. Boots of Caiphon level 24 uncommon
1. Tattered Cloak level 24 uncommon or Blood Gem Shard level 25 uncommon
4. Belt of Vitality level 23 uncommon
5. Bracer’s of the Perfect Shot level 23 uncommon

Zephyr Lyrandar

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