Courtenay Stone


Abbot’s Notes: High Priest of the Raven Queen in Winterhaven. Part of the Grey Guard in unknown capacity. Carries quite bit of weight within his religion and his town of Winterhaven. Brokered a deal with us where Nevun agreed to a blank-name contract killing (which in Sarthel is considered the stupidest deal an assassin could make), for info that might save his son’s life.

At a glance, I’d say that he’s crafty under that veil of piety. Right now, we’re just tools to him. In return for tidbits of information and an introduction to the Grey Guard, he’s gained a killing in the name of his Raven Queen, and the securing of the ruined keep outside of Winterhaven. Hell of a bargain on his half.

Add’l: Apparently, the one we’re supposed to kill under the deal we made with him is him. Courtenay Stone is marked for death by the Raven Queen. That’s assuming that the black water hasn’t been subverted somehow or that someone is trying to trick us. But we didn’t detect any of that. This water is supposed to show someone whose time has come. Yet Stone is theoretically one of the most loyal servants of the Raven Queen ever. Not really sure what to think about this. And Stone would be a tough target.

[Added later, messier:] What if he knew? I remember now. Back at the temple, I was arguing with Nevin about this deal. I said “What if it told you to kill one of us?” And he smiled.

I thought at the time that he just thought that humorous, but what if it was one of “us,” us being one of the people in that room? Possibly reading way too much into this, but how else do you reconcile that one of the most devout servants of the Raven Queen has been marked for death?

Two options in that vein: one is that the RQ says it’s time for him to die and he’s been waiting for that, or two that he’s manipulating us to attack him for some other reason. Or, he’s been cheating on the RQ and she’s not happy. Or someone has been screwing with the water to pit us against each other. Not enough support for any of these.

Courtenay Stone

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