Marek Starheart


Marek was one of the Whitetree guards accused of deserting his post. He was captured by goblins and brought to their cave. When the party followed to save him, they found he was not a captive. He escaped from the ensuing battle.

Thyrea, Marek’s mother, told the party that he changed after working for Graccus, a local wizard. Graccus told the party that an elemental mote merged with Marek, although he did not know how or why.

Abbot’s Notes: Thyrea found dead after returning from Graccus, killed by primordial eating creatures seen earlier in Whitetree Mill. Not much left of her by the time we found her. Timing suggests that Marek is attempting to cover his tracks by killing off information sources. Possible that Graccus is already dead as part of clean-up effort.

Did we simply beat Marek to Thyrea? Were we followed to her, and this was a response? We may be outclassed in information gathering. Should redouble attempts to find anti-scrying/anti-pursuit options.

Marek Starheart

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