Garan Payne


One of the Whitetree guards accused of desertion. Thom, a fellow guard, also suggested that Payne has been taking bribes in exchange for allowing a smuggler to pass the Whitetree dock unnoticed.

Abbot’s Notes: Well well, Payne’s been busy of late. Since Fallcrest surrendered, he’s stayed on with the Silvanesti guard, but is feeding information to the resistance, led by The Silent Lady, a.k.a Aldrea. He says that’s where the long term profit is, but I’m pretty sure he’s just screwing Aldrea. Either way, he seems to be legit, for the time being.

There’s something else that worries me though. In the process of trying to convince him to find out what the Iron Chain knows about me, I brought up Tobias, who I know he’s been in contact with. Payne couldn’t remember him at all. I saw someone disappearing out of the alley as I showed up, and Payne said he had been choking on something when I found him. I’m a little concerned. For all I know, the guys after Tobias might have gotten to Payne, though it’s odd that they wouldn’t just kill him outright. I’m debating trying to scrounge up something that might jog his memory, but that might be expensive or futile if I don’t know what caused the memory loss.

Garan Payne

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