Drow Paladin of Sehanine


Wishlist (as of lvl 14):
Gauntlets of Blood (lvl 16 Hands)
Helm of Able Defense (lvl 14 Head)
Iron Hand Unbreakable Form (lvl 12 Alternative)
Ring of Personal Gravity (lvl 16 Ring)
Ring of Feather Fall (lvl 14 Ring)
Skeleton Key (lvl 10 Wondrous)
Enshrouding Candle (lvl 7 Wondrous)
Elven Chain Shirt (Paragon Tier) (lvl 19 Wondrous)
A mandolin! (lvl 0 Instrument of Annoyance)
Weapon of Defense +4 (lvl 19 Rapier, can be handled as enchanting upgrade from current +3)

Surprises are welcome.


First page of a set of tightly bundled set of notes:

Hello. If you’re reading this, you’re definitely not me.

This isn’t a reference page. This is for anyone who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to search my notes. If you killed me, or stole this from me, fuck off. You’ll eventually find the page with explosive runes somewhere in here, and that’s that. Locke was obliging enough to help me put it down.

Now, if for some reason I gave this to you, or I’m dead (or both), then we have something to talk about, if we haven’t already.

First off, let me introduce myself, so you understand where this is coming from. I’m Abbot, a drow who never saw the Underdark, a paladin without a lick of faith, and a smartass without much sense (or so my friends say). I disagree with the last bit, but you can decide for yourself. You’re reading this because I’m not around to argue the point.

Born and raised in Sarthel, in the ugly-ass slums that the upper-townies like to ignore unless they’re making money off of down there. Joined up with the gangs like every other urchin with any ambition, then murdered them when I decided to change my tune and they decided to beat the shit out of me for it. After that, I ran away from Sarthel when I realized I had gotten the city’s mercenary army on my ass for killing their enforcers. These notes pick up a few days after that.

If you’re looking for a reasoned, careful examination of the events regarding the Devourer in the Vale and further planeward… well you’ll find some of that. You can thank Zaedos for that; he was always pushing me to keep a clean set of notes and it finally stuck. But all of that is going to be colored by quite a bit of complaining, bitching, and various other personal thoughts, as well as a healthy bit of profanity. And frankly, I was never good at the whole magic business, so my insight is limited there. But, if you’re looking for a complete account from someone who was there, this is it (unless I ended up dying before it was over, in which case, you’ll probably have to find someone else’s note for the rest of the info). I don’t think the rest of the group kept any particularly good notes.

So, there you have it. Still with me? You better not have skipped ahead, because here’s the only place I’m going to tell you that the explosive runes are on page 10, and page 26. Got it? Good. Welcome to this shitstorm of a tale, my friend. Get yourself a drink before you start reading.


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