Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes The Resistance, and Thunderspire

Ugh, every bone in my body hurts. That last fall off of the bookcase nearly killed me, and I think I’m going to be sore for days. But I’m alive, which is a pretty good result given what we went through in Thunderspire.

However, I do need to bring my notes up to speed starting from where I left off. First, about the Resistance. Led by Aldrea, it mostly comprises of guards and soldiers who didn’t want to bend knee to the Silvanesti Empire. They’re at a pretty severe disadvantage though. They’re outnumbered and out-armed, and winter is coming which means less food and less tree cover from patrols. We’re helping them out mostly for Nevun’s sake, since he sees them as the best chance to take back Stronton. I don’t particularly care either way, but I’m keeping with the group since I’m rather lacking in direction at the moment.

I suppose I could run off with the mask. Half the reason I wanted to get it was so that eventually I could go back to Sarthel. With the gold I’ve earned and the mask, I could live a good, easy life there. One of the nicer districts, a good house, all the liquor I could drink. Then again, I don’t think I have an option there anymore. Not after what I found in Thunderspire’s library.

Alright, seriously, back on track. These are notes, not ramblings.

Thunderspire: First off, it’s a giant friggin’ tower. Second, the base of the tower is used as a neutral trading zone for anyone, especially drow from the Underdark. Third, the Mask of Many Faces is… or rather, was in these walls. Last, Ambrose was buying weapons from the drow to equip his army through intermediaries here.

I found that last bit out completely by accident, when one of their agents rather confusingly assumed that I was working for the Iron Chain, and that I was here regarding the shipments. With a major assist from Zeph, we managed to convince him to ship a huge pile of weapons to the resistance, though they’re definitely on to us now. Still, small victories.

After a little bit of bartering, we dived into the labyrinth. First we blundered into the Hall of Eyes, which was run by a mimic that loved toying with his prey. After a lot of mirrors and illusions, we did managed to break out and kill him. This had two unexpected results though. First, we found a mirror that Tobias demanded. Second, we found a man who was supposedly one of the triumvirate that ran the market. The only problem is that last we checked, he had remained at the market, not been frozen as a statue for two weeks. All of which implied dopplegangers.

That was going to be a problem.

Got back to the market, turned over Hasafiir, met Tobias’s patron, and then lost him and the mirror. So, no more eladrin apparently. It was promptly after that that we stumbled onto a gnome who supposedly knew the way to the main tower and was willing to guide us. Thus, meet Leianto… or some similar spelling thereof. He guided us to the Demon Pit, which had quite few demons, appropriately enough. It also had giant animated statues, teleporting mirrors, pillars of undead, and finally one gigantic ass demon.

It also featured a rather strange soul-gem-thing, which provoked an… interesting reaction from Leantau. It brought out some gnomish paladin from his head, who was apparently his twin brother Haplo.

Note to me reading this in the future: Yes, this all actually happened. Yes, this was exactly as brain hurting and strange and confusing as it sounds. Yes, you should go out and get a drink or two.

So, the group of us went farther into the tower at this point, minus Leianto who went back to the hall because he wasn’t feeling well. An ill-timed ambush by a Hasafiir doppleganger let us capture him, and we forced him to lead us to the room in which the wizard was actually still living. We talked to him, but perhaps needless to say, negotiations broke down rather quickly. He wouldn’t give up the mask, and we wouldn’t leave peacefully.

What follows was one hell of a fight. The only description I can really provide was that it featured lots of thunder and lightning, and hopping around on bookshelves. Finally killed the bastard as he almost got away, which will probably save us a lot of trouble in the future.

And good news, there was tons of treasure for everyone! I got a shiny spear, Zephyr got a grimoire, Nevun got a suit of armor which turned out to be a special artifact, and Haplo… well he seemed happy with the books he found. Which is more than I can say for myself.

I dug up a book there on drow prophecies, which finally gave me information on why I was tossed to the surface and almost killed.

Apparently, I’m going to help bring about the end of the world.

Not sure how to take that.

It’s not set in stone, supposedly. Prophecies are certainly likely, but apparently never foolproof. Unfortunately, this one seemed as close to certain as you could get. The visions were consistent; even if the details changed, the outcome was always doom. Somehow, I’m supposed to help usher in these “Harbingers” even if not intentionally.

I mean, how the fuck am I supposed to react to this? I.. I just don’t…

Yeah, really no words available here.

After that, we got out, made our goodbyes, and went back to check on the Resistance. But I now need to find the prophetess, who fled to somewhere on the surface. I don’t know what chance I have, but I need all the information I can get to figure out a way out of this. The book suggested she might have fled somewhere where her skills might earn her a living, perhaps performing somehow. I’m thinking it’s got to be Sarthel, assuming she came out from the Thunderspire. I sure as hell know firsthand that the rest of the Vale is not hospitable to drow.

I hope Nevun and the others won’t mind a field trip…



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