The Story So Far

-It began with five caravan guards brought together by fate on a boat to Whitetree.

Nevun, a silent and stoic guard captain from Stronton. Zephyr, a powerful and ruthless storm sorceress. Arctus, a minotaur warlord also known as Farmersbane for reasons not polite to describe here. Tallow, an ice genasi wizard with a mysterious agenda. And Abbot, a ragged paladin of Sehanine that hid his face behind bandages and hoods.

Not exactly the bunch of noble, virtuous heroes you were expecting, right? There aren’t knights in shining armor here, kid. And you might not recognize at least one of these names; not all of these guys ended up on the good-guy list by the end.

They disembarked at Whitetree, only to find out that their place of delivery had been overrun by goblins, led by a vicious, freakish creature that at the time was rather a mystery. The mill was cleared, but not before the flour in it was covered in blood and slime and ichor. So, our protagonists ended up being stuck in town for a few days. They weren’t idle though. The local lord, a Lord Rodrik, hired them to go and locate the guards who were supposed to be at the mill that night. Their names were Aldrea, Marek, and Payne.

After some investigation (and some drinking), they set out for a secret guard post hidden in the forest. There, they found the missing guards, who claimed to have been sent out by Rodrik himself! Deciding that it would be easier to puzzle this out back in town, they started traveling back to town. A few hours later, however, they were caught in a brutal ambush. Aldrea was shot in the neck and nearly died, Payne ran like a coward, and Marek was dragged off by a wolf.

Following the battle, it was decided that the party should pursue Marek (mostly for the reward money). By threatening a goblin into showing them the way to the caves, and by following the tracks, the party eventually found the goblin base. Marek’s tracks went straight to it. They snuck into the cave (after Zephyr incinerated the goblin captive), eventually finding a prison area which held two captives, one of whom was an eladrin named Tobias.

It was at this point, right as the party engaged the goblins in the room, that Tallow went… well, one could call it insane, but that doesn’t really cover the color-draining beams, or the ice projectiles he sent flying as his party. He eventually fled into the caves, not to be seen again anytime soon. Meanwhile, zombies and vicious spiders rose out of the pile of corpses to attack along with the goblins. After an unpleasant fight, the room was clear. Tobias offered to join the party out of gratitude and the desire for revenge on the goblins. It was also revealed that the goblins had been force feeding prisoners bread, all of whom had died and some of which came back as zombies.

After further careful exploration, the party reached the back of the cave, where they found… Marek! He was unbound, and looked not only in good condition, but at ease there at well. He told the party about how pleased he was at how they played their parts, and how excellent their progress was. This provoked an angry response from Abbot, who charged at Marek. Marek ran, while calling in fire-elementals, a hobgoblin, and a bugbear to attempt to stop the party! Despite a projectile bombardment from Zephyr and hot pursuit from Abbot, Marek escaped into the forest. The rest of the party came out no worse for wear.

Interogation of the bugbear confirmed that the bread could turn people into zombies, and furthermore that Marek had poisoned the flour in Whitetree with that poison! The party rushed back to town to warn Lord Rodrik. After telling him of the poison, the head goblins that they had killed, and the guards they had brought back, they recieved a chest of gold, and a toast in their honor at the local tavern. In the morning, along with the caravan and a complement of Fallcrest guards, the party left to travel to the town of Fallcrest…

(David: I can add more later, but I didn’t expect it to take so long just describing us getting out of friggin’ Whitetree! I might condense these a bit more in the future…)

The Story So Far

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