Creation Mythos

The Creation Age

The Creation Age is remembered only in distorted tales and conflicting traditions. This was a time where the gods were still very active in the world.

Cosmic Genesis

Existence split asunder into its constituent elements. From the detritus coalesced the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. The gods and primordials arose out of these planes, respectively. Other lesser entities, possibly the angels and elementals, also arose during this time.

For unknown reasons, the deepest layer of the Elemental Chaos became corrupted, resulting in the Abyss. Several primordials turned into demon princes. This event also tainted an unnamed god, but he was defeated by the others.

The Time of Creation

The primordials forged a world out of the creation-stuffs that eddied between the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Sea, discarding bits which are too bright or too dark. These discarded pieces clustered into the Feywild and the Shadowfell. The world was then one of elemental fury, engulfed in an endless cycle of destruction and rebuilding.

Fascinated with the new world, the gods attempted to improve on the primordials’ work. They created natural life, tamed the churning elements, and created the sun and moon in the world.

Io fused astral spirits into the raw elements to create the dragons.

Corellon discovered the Feywild and created elves to inhabit it (the name of this unified elven race is unknown.)

Moradin chiseled dwarves from the bones of the earth. The envious primordials enslaved the dwarves because of their ability to work stone.

Humans were created by a god whose name is now lost. Texts refer to him as He-Who-Was.

Melora and Sehanine created the halflings, but abandoned them as their interests waned. Later, Avandra adopted the nomadic race as they exemplify her ideals.

Unable to create his own race, Zehir convinced Avandra to teach him how to alter the creations of others. Avandra attached a condition that Zehir may do so only with the creator’s permission.

The Dawn War

Enraged at the gods’ meddling, the primordials set out to destroy the world rather than let it become the gods’ play-thing. The gods fought to save it and their mortal servants. Each god selected an aspect of creation to champion and care for during the war, defining their portfolios.

The abominations were created as living weapons by both sides of the conflict.

The primordials created archons as soldiers out of elemental spirits to fight angels and exarchs. The gods sought to subvert the creation of these elemental soldiers by reshaping elemental spirits.

A primordial cleaved Io into two halves, forming Tiamat and Bahamut, who then slew the primordial. A legend claimed that dragonborn were made where Io’s blood fell.

Eventually the primordials were all defeated, enslaved, or weakened. Exhausted by the war, the gods created astral dominions and retreated into their divine realms.

Several beings took advantage of the aftermath to gain power. Asmodeus, a powerful exarch, murdered his divine patron, He-Who-Was. For this deicide, the other gods imprisoned Asmodeus and his followers in the dead god’s domain. Asmodeus retained godlike powers despite his imprisonment. Eventually he and his followers learned to sunder their chains through the use of pacts with mortal races.

Lolth led her chosen ones against the other elves. She may have become corrupted by the Heart of the Abyss. War raged in the Feywild, ending with the banishment of the drow and their goddess. Some elves departed for the natural world. Those who remained in the Feywild to rebuild the ruined kingdoms became known as eladrin, a Supernal name given to them by Corellon.

The Age of Mortals

With the primordials subdued and the gods withdrawn, mortal creatures began to take dominion over the world.

Creation Mythos

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