Vecna's Blade

Do not touch.

weapon (melee)

Abbot’s Notes: Blade carried by Nevun. When it was touched by his son, it gave him a horrible rotting affliction that is slowly consuming him. DO NOT TOUCH. Vectnites are adamant about retrieving it. They have ability to track it to near-perfection, even with illusion wards of Graccus. DO NOT TOUCH.

Possible uses in afflicting enemies? (Gift it to someone who then becomes infected?) Maybe considered heretical by milady.

Add’l Notes (+2 days from last entry): High Priest Stone’s first suggestion regarding the knife was to give Nevun’s son a clean death. This might not have gone over so well with Nevun. Angry words were exchanged, eventually more info was gained, mostly from the Gray Guard.

Most likely way to stop curse is to break blade. Slight issue on that front; blade is near-unbreakable. Suggestions have been raised but options are still pending there. The stopgap solution is what we’re heading out to do tomorrow: find a Vecna cultist’s amulet that may or may not be able to control the blade’s power and give it to Nevun’s son, which may or may not halt the spread of rot/mortification. Not really feeling confident about this, but lack of options and time is forcing our hand.

Add’l Add’l Notes:

By Sehanine’s silver blood, we are so fucked.

Had to get that out of the way. Vecna’s Blade is actually known as the Key. Key to ripping holes between the planes as it turns out. Or at least to the Shadowfell. The whoreson of a cleric in the Shadowfell keep ripped one open right in front of us, which was much harder for us to close than it was for him to open. So, this blade has gone from a deadly/dangerous magic weapon to a very, VERY important and dangerous magical tool.

Shit, I thought we were playing with a minor little castoff from Vecna that happened to go astray. How in the hells did thing end up in Sarthel? The servants of Vecna and possibly Vecna himself ARE watching us. Even if we get the amulet to Nevun’s son, we might be just putting him at more risk. The amulet alone will make him a target, and once Vecna realizes that Nevun’s kid is in Stronton (and he will, I can’t imagine we have any way of hiding that from him, even assuming he doesn’t already know), then they will come and use Thom to get the dagger.

I think I need to get Nevun to get his family out of Stronton. We might be able to bring them to the Gray Guard keep in Winterhaven, the Guards might protect them just to spite Vecna or to be able to examine his magic and its effect. But leaving them in Stronton is a death sentence. I don’t know if Nevun will see it my way though.

We broke the Key. Unfortunately that subsequently unleashed some kind of shadowy beast that sucked in everything around it and dissolved it. Out of options, we pushed it through the elemental rift and closed it after pushing it in. And despite our efforts, Thom was not restored when we returned.

I am so tired. All that and nothing.

We’re headed for Gardmore Abbey soon. It might have an artifact that we might be able to retrieve that might be able to save Thom if it doesn’t kill him. Notice all the "might"’s. I’m not optimistic, not anymore.

Vecna's Blade

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