The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd


Arnd was a powerful fighter and adherent of Kord from a poor town in southern Nerath, during the days when the Empire still stood. He fought to free his town from a tyrannical baron who sent men off to their deaths in battles that accomplished nothing other than win the baron political accolades. Arnd’s son was slaughtered while confronting the baron, but Arnd ultimately prevailed. He was eventually given a position as a Warden, one of the great knights charged with protecting the royal family. He took his task of protecting the young and innocent Prince Septus, fifth in line to the throne of Nerath, very seriously and treated him like the son he lost. More than a mere bodyguard, Arnd was tasked with seeking out and destroying the schemers who sought to overthrow the benevolent empire and replace it with their own autocracy.

The armor has been elated at each victory and deeply depressed whenever Nevun has fallen unconscious in combat. The armor was very uneasy when Sedira spoke of the harm done by souls with unfinished business. But above all, the armor has exalted every time Nevun has rushed into battle, or cast aside the cautious path in favor of confrontation.

After confronting Barim, a voice echoes in Nevun’s head:
“You have no patience for those who would use the weak as tools, and need no coaxing to break their bones upon your sword. How I’ve longed for such bravery, while gathering dust in that demented mage’s lair. We will topple tyrants, Nevun Shadwell, and teach them that they are not untouchable.”

The armor’s concordance increases to satisfied and gains the following properties:

You gain a +2 bonus to Will defense against fear effects.
Power Daily (Free Action)
Gain 1 action point.


The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd

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