Mark of the Raven Queen

A bargain made. Two lives in the balance.


Abbot’s Notes: Two parts to this.

First, the deal. Nevun agreed to kill someone for the Raven Queen in exchange for the information needed to save his son. The oath does not come into force though unless/until he succeeds.

Second is the mark itself. Two functions. One is that it will tell Nevun when it is time to make good on his side of the bargain. Two is that it delivers punishment if he fails to follow through, specifically blinding and deafening him.

I don’t like these terms. Hence, a little digging revealed the following:

The curse will not should not activate if he fails the task despite his efforts, just if he doesn’t strive to complete it. Maybe possible loophole there, though it seems short-term only. It might also be able to be removed. But we’d need a favor from a major power, since breaking the mark is much harder than putting it on. Hopefully, neither tidbits of info will be needed, and target turns out be well deserving of a death. But I trust neither the Raven Queen or High Priest Stone.

[Scrawled later in sloppy handwriting.] Possible loophole! Oath was for if Raven Queen’s aid saves Nevun’s son. If we can use what we know and figure out how to (permanently) save the child’s life before getting solution from Raven Queen/Gray Guard, we could declare oath null and void! Have to move fast, if they get answer before we do and give it to us, definitely responsible for oath then.


Mark of the Raven Queen

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