Fire Elemental Mote

Extremely powerful. Capabilities unknown.


Abbot’s Notes: Very little known about this. Graccus said he was using some of these for energy, quite a bit of energy apparently. Unfortunately, when Marek poked it, it was absorbed into him. Full extent of results are unknown, much of rest is speculation.

Known: Marek has gained some ability to summon fire-element aligned creatures (both pure fire elementals and magma snakes). Shapeshifting ability seems like it shouldn’t be connected to something that gives pure fire-power, but is also inconsistent with pre-mote history. Other powers unknown.

[Scribbled later]
Important: Is this connected to the god and immortality he mentioned earlier? Is he seeing the primordials as gods? Seeing elemental in mote as god? Few gods actually offer immortality, usually with serious caveats. I really hate research, but may need to actually sit down and search at some point for possible patrons.

Fire Elemental Mote

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