Wishlist (in order of preference)

Battlecrazed Weapon +6 (Lvl 29)
Medallion of Death Deferred +6 (Lvl 29)
Armor of Dark Deeds +6 (Lvl 29)
Boots of Teleportation (Lvl 28)


In Which We Learn Of Locke’s Previous Misadventures

“He can track a falcon on a cloudy day. He can find you. But he’d rather pay someone else to do it.” – An unfortunate maiden on her way to Guilder

The open road is for suckers. Give me a hot bath and ample coin over dragonslaying any day. But I suppose my vices got me into this mess in the first place…

I was sired by a powerful Bralani, a lieutenant to one of the Fey Lords. His position didn’t keep him from being slaughtered with the rest of the house in a coup, though, and I barely managed to escape to Sigil, the City of Doors and center of the multiverse.

I set up shop as a doer of deeds, few questions asked. I joined the Athar. It was a good life, full of urbane wit and raucous parties, but I enjoyed it too much. After one exceptional and careless night, I fell through a hole in the planes, one of the ubiquitous portals that gives the city its name. And like most portals, it was one-way.

So now I wander this backwater world, full of rubes who couldn’t tell Feywild raisins from owlbear scat. Surely there’s a way off this rock…


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