Shards of Oblivion

Zephyr's Journal Entry 4

The past few days have been confusing. We entered the keep that guarded the Shadowfell and defeated its guardians. We manged to release two undead who had been trapped forever guarding the keep. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to help a wandering spirit, but being trapped and forced to guard a keep over a planar portal is something I understand. We found the Vecnites opening the portals, one of them even attempted to use lightning on me, it tickled. Apparently the knife that injured Nevun’s son can also be used to open entryways into other planes, interesting.

Speaking of Nevun’s son, he and his sister are one source of my confusion. They don’t know any magics, but nor are they trained in the use of armor or weapons. Who raises their children like that?! A goblin raiding party could kill them never mind a real threat, and the girl must be at least 10! Maybe he doesn’t like them? I’m concerned for their safety if they continue traveling with us. Maybe I can teach the girl to at least manifest some thunder, otherwise I just don’t see the point of her.



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