Shards of Oblivion

Zephyr's Journal Entry 5

Ha! Found my journal! I thought maybe it had gotten sucked up into that vorpral null demon thing, but no, it was here in my backpack all along hidden under some camouflage clothes and my spare caltrops. Maybe I should stop carrying so much stuff around? Nah. It’s a little wet and burnt, or is that covered in water and fire elemental guts? But its still good.

Now where did I last leave off. So we got the amulet on Thom that ostensibly should have protected him, and it seemed to. The curse stopped spreading, but he didn’t wake up. We went to investigate some elemental gates that were opening that the Grey Guard were concerned about, and also to find Uncle Aureon who was in the area and happened to be the author of all the works on items from other plains we had been reading in the library. Some of the local peasants were convinced he was an evil wizard bent on destroying them by summoning elementals. Hilarious! I suppose he was the one opening up some of the rifts, and I guess elementals were coming out of them and probably were killing some of the peasants, but the idea that anyone would go that far out of their way with the sole intention of killing farmers is ludicrous. In a cave near the rifts we found none other than Tallow, who has been spending his time since he last left us attempting to open some rift into another plane for “him” to come through. We killed him, of course. We also decided to finally try feeding Vecna’s knife to one of the primordial demons we keep encountering. It didn’t work out as well as we had hoped, hence that vorpral demon thing I mentioned above. However we shoved the demon into the gate and closed it and I’m hoping that’s the last we ever hear of him. Ever.

Soon after Nevin’s cursed mark finally activated and we were send to kill…Courtney Stone! It seems he secretly married his lover without the approval of the Raven Queen and he was going to use power granted by Vecna to bring her back from the dead. Our whole quest to bring the amulet to Thom had been at Vecna’s order all along. Well, we killed him too and ran off to stop the ritual designed to summon his dead lover from taking place. Oh, I though, maybe NOW Thom is saved. But no, his arm was still rotted so we went troll hunting to get the key ingredient in some healing ritual to heal that too.

Dear Thom, there’s this little thing called self sufficiency some of us like to practice. You need to start. You can’t live life thinking random adventurers will always be there to whisk in and solve all your problems. This is why I’ve been taking your sister goblin hunting at night. Also, don’t tell your father I told you that. For some reason I think he’d object to his 10 year old daughter hunting monsters in the dark. He coddles both of you.

Oh, and Tobias ran into some minions working for his mother. He seems angry, I don’t really understand why. If he wants to walk away from the whole thing he should just walk away.

Well journal, I’m glad I found you again. Is that demon puke or troll blood that stuck those last two pages together?



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