Shards of Oblivion

Zephyr's Journal 3

After being attacked by the Vecnites we headed to Winterhaven back by the way of the farm of Marek’s mother. Her door was left ajar, and upon entering we found her, or, we found her hand and a foot, and some more of those eating demons. There were also some strange ape demons that made wet Arctus smell good by comparison, who knew such a thing was possible. Needless to say we killed them.

We found Courtney Stone when we arrived in Winterhaven, found him to be useless. His initial suggestion was that we allow Nevun’s son to die, Nevun was against this. For reasons I don’t full understand its very important to him that his son not die. As he is my friend I am trying to support this. We were taken to speak to some members of the Grey Guard, they appeared unwilling to help us so I revealed myself to them as a Lyrandar in order to force their hand. They agreed to help us, and suggested we visit a keep with a gate to the shadowfell they’ve been unable to close in order to find am amulet that might stop of the progression of the curse on Nevun’s son. The Grey GUARDS apparently can’t even GUARD an open gate right outside their own city. Gods they’re useless. Cleaning up someone else’s gate isn’t really on the top of the list of things I want to do after finally finishing up guarding my own family’s gate, but at least it won’t be boring.

The leader of the Grey Guard’s was particularly concerned by the Gnaw Demon’s we’ve been encountering. He seems to feel they are not demons at all but in fact beings created by an ancient primordial. He also suggested that forcing one of the creatures to eat the blade of Vecna could possible destroy it, or it might simply destroy the entire universe, he was unsure. Either way, it would be bound to be interesting to see.



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