Shards of Oblivion

Zephyr's Journal 2

2nd of brightleaf

My quest to to bring my wrath down on Marek in the form of storms of burning lightning seems to be going nowhere. We guarded the grain overnight, no one attempted to steal it or attack, it was boring. In the morning we found Marek’s mother, who lives on a decaying little farm. She didn’t know where her son was, but turned us towards a sad little wizard he had worked for. Said wizard was using one of the weakest excuses for a veil I’ve ever seen, and apparently until recently was supplementing his powers with gems containing trapped elemental spirits. He then had the audacity to be surprised when this they turned on him and Marek absorbed one. Reminds me of the time my little niece summoned that abyssal demon hoping for better candy then we had in the keep. Though to be fair, it did leave some wonderful toffees after it took her. This seems to be the end of this quest though, Marek has disappeared.

On the bright side we did get attacked by some members of the cult of Vecna. That was entertaining. We’re going to Winterhaven now to find a cleric who can heal Nevun’s son. Hopefully more entertainment will follow. I’m determined to help Nevun, since after all, he is my friend.



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