Shards of Oblivion

Zephyr's Journal 1

28th of Harvestfall

Today was a day of annoyance. I had agreed to guard a little halfling merchant as he traveled down river. The pay wasn’t particularly good, but I’ve heard its safer to travel in groups in these parts, so I considered it an easy way to obtain safe passage while I traveled to hopefully more interesting parts of the world. The other guards were much what you would expect, large men bristling with weapons in armor that smelled like they hadn’t washed it or even removed it from their bodies since the time they’d acquired it, and that time was not recently. There was also a genasai wizard, I wonder if he broke through the barrier to the elemental plane or if he was born here.

We hadn’t traveled for long before we arrived at a mill. There were no guards present, which apparently is unusual, and in investigating we were forced to dispatch with a small number of goblins and some corpulent demons. It seems there are more than one tribe of goblins beginning to access the elemental chaos.

The mayor of the little shanty collection the humans in this area call a town was understandably upset about his guards disappearance, so we only spent one night in the towns inn (and thank the gods for that, any longer and I would have died of boredom) before we tracked the missing guards to a wooded area. The guards claimed the mayor himself told them to leave their post, clearly someone is being deceived.

We began to bring the guards back to town when one of the idiots got himself dragged off by a wolf. We gave chase, spelunked though a disgusting network of goblin caves, rescued a few unfortunate prisoners, only to find that the guard we were pursuing was not captured at all, but had lured us there! My attempts to fry his lying face were thwarted when he ran from us like a small crying child. There were more elementals in the cave. We dispatched them, but I find myself frustrated. If I wanted to spend my time cleaning up the messes the elemental chaos constantly disgorges, I could have stayed at home.

On the bright side, I did manage to force rag face to eat a bug. When is he going to take those disgusting things off? His “swamp fever” story isn’t fooling anyone. Why bother hiding himself from these human peasants?

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better. Maybe If I’m lucky I’ll get a chance to fry Marek into a twitching mass of scorched flesh. I’m sure that will cheer me up.




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