Shards of Oblivion

The Secret Journal of Tobias Wintersnow

The Hand of the Fallen Seasons – Initiate Journal – Situational Record

Assignment – Anaylsta Autumnborn, betrothed of Eversol Greydoon

The previous records have been transferred to the Sect journals and the current events have changed my perspective of this assignment. What follows is my personal observations and my speculation about the amulet of dreaming and its true abilities. When Lorthram of the Seasons first approached me that stormy Autumn night and asked that I join Him in the Stones Reach Tavern I was almost certain He had found my true Father or information of the man that I only know through whispers and rumor. Guildas was a man who kept most of His own knowledge close to the chest and hidden truths and secrets would follow Him to the grave. Perhaps they did. I sat there watching the flickering of the table candle dance along the edge of the wax my attention only partly attuned to what Lorthram was saying until He grabbed my arm tighly. “Look at me now Tobias, what I tell you and what I ask of you could very well cost you your life, and in the least your chance to learn the truth of your Father’s legacy” I took full attention and cleared my mind of the cobwebs of daydreaming. This was the first time I had heard of The Hand of the Fallen Seasons and that my Father was a member, perhaps even a legend of sorts amongst their ranks. Fate holds my Father’s truths and importance within the mists of uncertainty and for this I scorn Fate’s trickery but I took the words of my mentor that day as Corellon’s own will. I still do as I sit within the camp now enroute back to Winterhaven. I have a much deeper appreciate of the power of artifacts and why they must be controlled or destroyed outright. Eladrin or otherwise. The dagger of Vecna, the soul crystal, even that cursed amulet for all the pause it brought to the necrotic illiness it too needs to be destroyed but I am getting side tracked.
The morning I was set to meet with Cordelia Valeci, representative of the Hand of Fallen Seasons and one of the more influential members of the current Winter Court I was flush of face and wet of palm. The chambers She enjoyed were cold feeling with their hard lined sigil laden walls no doubt there to create an area of privacy and block sound. Her deep magenta eyes were warm though and although proper and bearing the posture of a powerful woman, She regarded me with kindness in those eyes. There was also some deeper information there too that I doubt even to this day will ever be revealed from Her deep red lips. Lorthram entered the chambers, His soft silvery gaze greeting this woman with admiration and a touch of awe. What came next altered the course of my life river, fate had another laugh and I still hear the snickering. “You have been observed young Tobias, watched by eyes that you never know. What I tell you now will come as a shock but it must be told. Your Mother, although you know She is not blood to you. She is not actual the former lover of Guildas Autmnborn either. She has become close to you for alterior reasons that now I will explain, but please take a moment to understand this.” Sipping Her tea and watching my face there was a supporting smile playing about the edge of Her lips. My mostly pale face turned a shade deeper I would imagine. Betrayals numbness stings deeply and shock and disbelief were awash in the brewing anger I felt instead. Opened eyes see all the good and the bad and now mine were fully open. She went on to inform me that The Hand of the Fallen Seasons had a special task for me, son of the former main guardian to the previous Leader, Trentis Winterwhite. I was given many things that day. Information, truth and a task. I was also given a choice and time to think on the things told to me. Cordelia was smiling when I returned a few days later and agreed to assume a new role to my Mother other than “son” that of observer and false conspirator. How could I refuse to slowly burn the woman who’s very ethics and lack of moral center had corrupted my life. Poisoning my mind with false love was the last injustice.
Lorthram thought it best we stop meeting for clerical lessons and He offered me some advice. Stay close to Analysta and learn as much as I can about Her allies, than about the amulet and its three pieces. The Sect believes that the amulet was broken into three sections to ensure that no one could use it. Still many within the Sect also believed that the protector of the main piece a Sinrow Silverfey would not be swayed by the promise of sexual favor. Well they didn’t know my dear Mother’s ability to strip away a man’s defenses or appear in the bed undressed and vulnerable. Fools. So I took the aid I was offered. Some gold and the knowledge of the summoning Sigil “Seasons Calling” that would bring Cordelia as well as Her two trusted and skilled personal guardians to the location it was erected. They told me to just remain with Analysta and act as if nothing had changed. I was fully intending to aid Her in Her plans to recover the two remaining pieces of The Amulet of Ever Dreaming. The second artifact and that which is actually what my initiation rite requires is believed to have been spirited away to the mundane plane, removed from the Feywild a long time ago. The Unnamed Mirror. Believed to have the ability to show the gazer two truths when asked. There was no record within the libraries within the Silver City but perhaps the answer would lie within my travels. I finally found some mention of it and ironically or perhaps again Fates will that mentioned Thunderspire Tower. The mirror is there or the man who knows for sure. My offer to aid Abbot with finding the Mask of Many Faces works to serve mine and the Sect’s interests in the process. Still I think Cordelia would want to know of the Mask as well and truly check if it was a harmful thing beyond the glamours it is rumored to create for its wearer. We will learn soon enough the truth of this.
My meeting with Analysta now will truly strain my own deceptions against Her and I will have to truly keep my witts about me. Looking at Her face now disgusts me. Still I can’t allow Her to know that I am no longer Her doe-eyed son so eager to eat all the spoon fed deceptions. Well your day will come. I have a use for the Amulet, removing this vile woman from the world for good but I can’t act without Cordelia’s approval. I dare not risk learning what I can about my Father and following fully and with pride in His footsteps. Soon I will have to tell my new friends the truth but not just yet. I still must maintain my cover. I have decided that once we enter the tower and its safe for me to summon the Sect, I will let Cordelia do the talking. Hearing that Analysta has returned to Eversol and that someone unknown to me wants me dead are weighty troubles. No one could know of my cover though, so why? Something the mirror will tell me. I will not let the truth evade me much longer…
My current studies both within the library of Winterhaven as well as that of Aureon’s tower have yielded a bit more information. The Amulet of Dreaming End as it is properly called predates the Eladrin race. The origin I assume would be that of Godhood. The true power is not that of a simple wish but the ability to alter the very fabric of reality itself. Good Corellon, can Analysta be this mad with status that She would go to such lengths to potentially damage our very core society. Yes She would and that is why my resolve to smile and dote in Her presence is failing me. When I tipped off that wastrel Payne as to my search I knew He would think there was something more to gain than the mere 20 gold coins I gave Him. I think that anyone watching me would be watching Him now. I hope to find that He has joined The Silent Lady’s resistance so I can further utilize His less than savory talents. My resolve to complete my assignment hardly exludes me from the notion that I am not a user myself. We all use each other. The word is ugly but the motivation doesn’t need to be. Those who stand in judgement of me now are inconsequential to my stopping Analysta. I wonder if I will have the strength to retrieve the amulet and not want to use it for myself, my own selfish personal gain. It could bring my Father back, perhaps even from death.



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