Shards of Oblivion

Book of Mirrors - Wintersnow - Entry 2

1st of Brightleaf

Sitting here by the candle light of my rooms oaken desk I can hardly believe that mere hours ago I was being held captive in a filth ridden hole in the ground. This Silver Unicorn Inn isn’t exactly grand but its beds are far nicer to my back than the ground has been. I miss resting against Longshadow but I rather Him not be mistaken for some hunter’s dinner or the simple minded townsfolk be scared or alarmed by His presence. We have enough stares as we travel as it is with a Minotaur and a man who hides His face. Still like all the adventures I grew up hearing this is still very close to the adventures of daring men and women. My rescuers have given me more than freedom they have given me a chance to see this plane through its natives eyes. Sitting here waiting to meet with this guard Payne in itself is a bit exciting. Midnight encounters and secret conversations are definitely the more enjoyable part of travel. I am curious to know more about my companions but whether or not they talk isn’t that crucial. I can travel freely now. Mother hasn’t been here at all and that means She lied. That’s okay I know that when She wants to find me I will be found. I plan to leave word with this guard and the innkeeper before we move onward from here. Watching a grain cart for attack is like watching the grass grow. Weariness sets in quickly. This half Elf we travel with seemed very interested in the protection of a gate between the Feywild and this lesser plane. I will keep a close eye on Her. Something about Her makes me twitch but I can’t place a finger on it. Mother would assume She was a maid or something if they ever met. I think She has a strange path to walk in this life and its interesting to see if that becomes something the lot of us has to deal with. I don’t know why I feel that way just something inside. It’s about time I went to my meeting.



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