Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - Road to Winterhaven, Arrival

Thyrea: Marek’s mother. Said son had changed after working with Graccus, had sudden impulse to join Fallcrest Guard. Little helpful info.
[In the margin:] Found dead with same all-devouring little shits from the mill. Couldn’t save her. More notes in Marek file.

Graccus: Hedge wizard, moderately competent. Used Fire Elemental Mote (see Mote file) for elemental power. Absorbed into Marek. Didn’t try to fix issue until too late and Marek was gone. Useless bastard.

Vecna/Cultists: So, we have a new bunch of people on our asses. Vecnites (for lack of a pithier name). More notes in Knife file, but they can track us extremely well, very dedicated, moderately deadly. Not as bright as I thought they would be. I guess all that knowledge Vecna hoards isn’t really passed on to the cultists. Until we can find a way to destroy the knife or disguise it/hide it better, expect them on our tail continually.

Winterhaven: Cold, lonely, unpleasant place to be. Home of the Raven Queen’s temple and the Grey Guard. Hells, I miss Fallcrest and Whitetree already.

Raven Queen: Don’t like the Raven Queen. Tread carefully.
(Info on the mark/bargain made in separate file).

Courtney Stone: Smug son of a bitch. Has us on an invisible leash to be pulled when we save Nevun’s kid. Didn’t even need his knowledge if we had found a way to go straight to the Gray Guard. I don’t like the Raven Queen’s theology, but I can sort of respect it on some level. This guy is just a prick.

Gray Guard: Not as stiff-necked as I might of expected. Tough, seasoned, reliable… mostly. The dragonborn was an ass, but that happens sometimes. The real news here is how the Sehanine priestess freaked out when she saw my holy symbol. Asked a lot of questions, eventually had to reveal that I was drow. Had to prepare for the assault on the keep before I could get answers. I don’t know where this is headed, but everything is telling me I’m not going to like how this turns out.

Zephyr (add’l.): So, Sparkypants is actually a) from some noble family and b) from a long line of gate defenders of some sort. Who knew? Happily, she does not have anyone that is likely to try to follow and kill her (and by extension, us). I think I’m okay with this kind of revelation.



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