Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - River Fens, Silvanesti Empire - Iron Chain, Stronton, Ambrose, Thom

Witchlight Fens: Lizardmen. Not friendly. Like poison and explosive wisps. I believe I hate swamps.

Silvaneste Empire/Iron Chain: So, I apparently somehow missed that Sarthel was planning to annex a major chunk of/near Harkenwold. Using the pretense of anti-goblin defense. I don’t think they’re actively pursuing me still, but they won’t be happy to see me. Furthermore, they appear to be quite aggressive in dealing with possible threats, since they immediately moved to take out Nevun when he returned to Stronton. Wonder if they’d like to handle the looming primordial threat. That would be nice.

Stronton: Just another village, except that it’s Nevun’s home and it’s been recently annexed by Sarthel. We got there, visited Nevun’s wife and kid, met the local lord, nearly got mobbed and raided, and sailed away ASAP. Lovely way to spend a vacation.


Fucking politicians.

Short version: Local lord for the Silvaneste Empire. Tried to blame killings caused by Vecnites with V’s Key on Nevun. Actually a rather smart double-win for him if he had pulled it off; he gets the credit for ending the killings and de-legitimizes the old system/government by implicating the former captain (Nevun). That said, fuck this guy with a rusty spear. Nevun doesn’t deserve that shit after running all over to save his son. And he’s pretty clearly interested in Thom’s affliction for not quite clear reasons. Power, obviously, but not entirely sure of his angle. Unfortunately if he rules Stronton, we’ll probably be seeing him again. Nevun isn’t going to leave Stronton as is.

Thom: Hey, the amulet worked! Something actually did what it was supposed to do! Of course, now we’re on the run with him because Ambrose tried to arrest Nevun and was creepily interested in Thom’s condition. But we’ve halted the spread of corruption. Which means probably something else is going to go wrong to compensate.



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