Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - Killing Stone, Curing Thom (twice), Dryad Showdown

Events these past few days have been… hectic. A lot is changing.

Courtenay Stone: Turned from his goddess to resurrect his dead wife. More specifically, turned to Vecna. Vecna, who then orchestrated… honestly, just about everything that we did since the dagger turned up was planned by him. Also, Thom was going to be killed by a Vecnite ritual in a couple of days. Fought Stone, eventually admitted his guilt and jumped off the side of his tower. After talking down the crazed mob, we went dashing off to…

Stone Keep: …the lovely Stone Keep, former home of the Stone family where they were all massacred, now home to undead and Vecnites. We always go to the nicest places. Got there, interrupted a big ritual. Nearly didn’t stop it in time, but after a particularly brutal battle, we managed to halt it at the last moment. This was followed by a slow disarming of the soul gem, and then a return to Thom, who was not dead or controlled by Vecna. Big plus right there, obviously.

Trolls and Tobias: Of course, Thom still had that dead arm. So, we went and hunted some trolls to get the blood to fix it. After that it was a jaunt to the Feywild portal at the lake, where we met a couple of dryads glamoured up to look like eladrin. It didn’t come to blows though, but Tobias gave them a message for his mother: Come see me. Not looking forward to that meeting. Also annoyed I couldn’t see past the illusion. Got back to the extra-fortified Winterhaven and fixed Thom’s arm. It appears like Thom is finally finally finally out of danger for good.

The Plan: Unfortunately, Nevin is really pissed still that they took over Stronton. And he wants to go back and kick out Sarthel. As good as we are, I think we might have a little bit of trouble against a whole army, but he’s set on this. Also, confused as to why Sarthel taking the area is a bad thing. It’s not like life in the Vale was all that great to begin with.



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