Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - Keep Shadowfell, Lyrandar Keep,Origin, Vecna's Key

Keep/Shadowfell: Lots of undead, traps, Vecnites holed up in the innermost rooms. The last fight with the cultists nearly brought me down. Brought back some bad memories from Sarthel as I was coughing up blood. I know I (sort of) chose this life, but being this close to the edge and back is starting to leave some marks mentally. Also, closed up a rip into the Shadowfell. See Key entry below.

Lyrandar Keep: Blasted, overrun with demons, Lyrandar guardians dead. I think that might be a problem.

Origin: Well, didn’t really expect to be writing up this section. Melandra had some news about me. Apparently, a bunch of drow were going to sacrifice me up on the surface. Grey Guards found them, killed them, and saved me. I was supposed to be sacrificed in order to “save the drow” or something. Man, if all it takes is a baby to take down the drow then the surface world has really overestimated them. Anyways, they wrapped me up and shipped me off to the orphanage in Sarthel.

The second thing is that the symbol I found after nearly dying the first time was actually the symbol of another priest, whose name is unfortunately escaping me. They sent him to check up on me, and haven’t heard from him since. I have no idea how his symbol ended up next to a bruised and bloodied me, and the priests had no clue either. On top of all that, Melandra was certain all of this meant Sehanine had some special plan for me.

Not sure how to feel about that.

I respect Sehanine. I serve her faithfully because of that and because of the deal I made. I even pray to her and pay respects to her. And I know that nothing comes for free, that she was going to get something from me as I had gotten something from her. But, I still don’t really worship her. She’s my patron, my boss, my guide (sometimes), but I’m still not sure how I feel about her being my goddess. And I hate being a pawn, even for her.

So, I was hoping that the Iron Chain would be the worst of my problems. Now, it’s up there with Vecna, loose demons, Marek with his primordial buddies, and now any other drow that buy into me being the doom of their race.

Fuck, I miss Sarthel.

Vecna’s Blade/Key, (add’l):

By Sehanine’s silver blood, we are so fucked.

Had to get that out of the way. Vecna’s Blade is actually known as the Key. Key to ripping holes between the planes as it turns out. Or at least to the Shadowfell. The whoreson of a cleric in the Shadowfell keep ripped one open right in front of us, which was much harder for us to close than it was for him to open. So, this blade has gone from a deadly/dangerous magic weapon to a very, VERY important and dangerous magical tool.

Shit, I thought we were playing with a minor little castoff from Vecna that happened to go astray. How in the hells did thing end up in Sarthel? The servants of Vecna and possibly Vecna himself ARE watching us. Even if we get the amulet to Nevun’s son, we might be just putting him at more risk. The amulet alone will make him a target, and once Vecna realizes that Nevun’s kid is in Stronton (and he will, I can’t imagine we have any way of hiding that from him, even assuming he doesn’t already know), then they will come and use Thom to get the dagger.

I think I need to get Nevun to get his family out of Stronton. We might be able to bring them to the Gray Guard keep in Winterhaven, the Guards might protect them just to spite Vecna or to be able to examine his magic and its effect. But leaving them in Stronton is a death sentence. I don’t know if Nevun will see it my way though.



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