Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - Gnomes, Tobias (add'l), Aureon, Elemental Rift & Tallow, Key & Nullbeast & Thom

Gnomes: Ambushed by gnomes. Not very focused, even though they were probably after Tobias they still took time to mess with us and with Nevun’s daughter. Apparently they now have a vendetta against us for not rolling over and taking it from them.

Tobias: So, he may or may not have eladrin after him because his mother is conspiring to kill the Fey Court and because she stole artifact(s) to do so. Didn’t reveal it until this event forced him to do so. Hell, even I warned everyone else that the Iron Chain was pissed at me. A little heads-up would have gone helpful. Not really keen on the risk we’re taking on keeping him, but unless things get a lot worse it’s not worth making waves over. We already have everyone else trying to kill us, adding the Fey can’t make it much worse.

Oreion Lyrander: Shares Zephyr’s lack of morals, but also paired with insatiable desire for arcane knowledge and extremely powerful. Wrote everything there is on the Key material (need a name for it… bindstone, nullstone, planebreak ore?).

Rift/Tallow: Rift opened north of Winterhaven. Maintained (and possibly opened) by Tallow. Tallow from the initial trip to Whitetree. Lots of raving about how this “wasn’t the time yet” and that someone was coming through. Didn’t get to find out more though. I knocked him out for later, but he got sucked into the Nullbeast that we unleashed. See below. Rift has been closed.

Key/Nullbeast: So. We may have unleashed an unknown primordial null-creature upon creation. Nevun got one of the gnaw beasts to eat the Key, which then resulted in something appearing that attempted to suck in anything and everything around it and dissolve it. We did shove it into the elemental chaos rift and lock the rift behind it, but we have no idea what will happen from that. If we got lucky, something might just kill the damn thing for us and then Thom will be fine. It can’t be the strongest thing in the whole Elemental Chaos.

Okay that’s probably not going to happen. Realistically speaking, it’s going to cause problems for someone. Either for the people on the other side of the rift, or for us if it comes back through. And if the “Gardmore Artifact” doesn’t work, we’ll have to bring it back to kill it once and for all. Which might kill us.

What have we wrought, Sehanine?



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