Shards of Oblivion

Abbot's Notes - Companions, Fallcrest, Marek

Still frustrated that I left my old notes back in the city. It’d be nice if I had the info I collected on the the Iron Chain in case they come after me. But I only had a week to dig up dirt on them before they nearly got me, so it’s not like there was that much there. Anyways then, new notes, especially since things have changed.

Fallcrest: Outside Fallcrest now, not long left before morning. Fallcrest wasn’t much of a town. Maybe it had been at one point, but it wasn’t much of one anymore. Checked in at the temple, asked The Lady for guidance, of course got none. Not sure why she pointed me out here, but won’t really be able to figure that out soon. She keeps her cards close to her chest.

The party: Arctus, Nevin, Tobias, Zephyr.

Arctus has horns. Also dislikes killing things that don’t need to be killed. Seems pretty simple, though is quite useful for strategy, which was surprising. I’m least worried about him.

Nevin is a guard, and he’s the scary, driven type. He’s usually on the front line with me, and is definitely skilled. Also, his personal business stands a good chance of getting us killed. We were attacked by Vecnites tonight, after something he has. Bad shit to get involved in here, but can’t deny it’s more interesting than hanging out in Whitetree. I do not want to get between him and his child. But, if it’s between his child and the rest of us, would he kill/abandon us to save the child? Maybe. Dangerous. Be careful.

Tobias: New. Spends money like water. Eladrin, but doesn’t care about drow thing. Don’t really know about him. Whatever his business is, not my problem. Yet.

Zephyr: Rogue sorceress. Short-tempered, clever, very powerful, few morals I’ve noticed. Quite funny though, even if most of her barbs are thrown at me. Really need to find something that negates lightning. Very dangerous. Don’t fully trust her, she wouldn’t be sticking around without a reason. Still going to needle her. Poking a beehive may be stupid, but it’s never dull.

Marek: Fuck this guy. Shapeshifter, poisoner, liar, and used us for… something. Details not important. Want to kill this son of a bitch. Also, may have been fused with an elemental spirit of fire. May want to open door to elemental plane. Find him, kill him. All leads have dried up though. His move.

Iron Chain: Haven’t seen them in days/weeks. No info.

Hah, almost getting killed has made my notes a lot more organized than they used to be. Guess I had to sober up at some point.



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